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Beyond Expo 2030, Rome challenges Riyadh again: the rematch at the Water Forum 2027

ROME, JANUARY 24 – After the setback of Expo 2030, Rome is once again challenging Riyadh, and this time the international event at stake is the XI World Water Forum in 2027, the most important global gathering for the discussion and reflection on water issues. As the city renowned for fountains and aqueducts, Rome has submitted its proposal, and the competition this time is between Italy and Saudi Arabia, with the verdict expected in May, during the 2024 Forum in Bali, Indonesia.

The title proposed by Italy is ‘One Water’. Rome, according to Mayor Gualtieri, is the ideal location. “Rome has been linked to water since the beginning of its history. Water is life,” emphasized Gualtieri, “and it is also our future.” Massive investments support the candidacy: a substantial 2 billion euros will go to Rome’s water sector to reduce losses and flood risks, for sewage systems, purifiers, and the doubling of the Peschiera Aqueduct that supplies water to Rome. A project worth 1.2 billion euros will secure the water supply for millions of people and once again demonstrate that Rome is and will be the ‘City of Water.’

The Italian Committee is chaired by Maria Spena, with Emilio Ciarlo as the director general; vice-chairs include Capitolino Councilor Ornella Segnalini, Marco Rago for the Foreign Ministry, and Massimo Gargano from Anbi, the reclamation association. The rotation is in favor: the last Forums were held in Africa, South America, and Asia.

The candidacy was formally submitted by Rome’s Mayor and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, on December 31 and is supported by Rome Capital, five ministries, as well as public and private entities. The economic impact is expected to be significant: “We expect over 100,000 attendees from around the world,” explained the Committee. The proposal seems to leverage themes where Riyadh is less equipped, such as a Forum dedicated to women. The exhibition space will be at the Eur, with the focal point at the ‘Nuvola’ by Fuksas but also involving the Palasport, the Palazzo dei Congressi, the Salone delle Fontane, with an installation envisioned at Piazza Navona. (@OnuItalia)

Il giornale Italiano delle Nazioni Unite. Ha due redazioni, una a New York, l’altra a Roma.

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