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Quirinal Treaty: Italy-France entente passes through the United Nations

NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 7 – The Quirinal Treaty between Italy and France for a strenghtened bilateral cooperation passes also through the main world’s multilateral forum, the United nations in New York. Today at the UN headquarters, the Permanent Representative of Italy, Maurizio Massari, met the French diplomatic delegation led by Ambassador Nicolas de Rivière.

“At the United Nations, we are implementing the Quirinal Treaty. Excellent cooperation between the missions”, de Rivière commented on Twitter. “The productive meeting between Italy and France” to discuss the agenda and the common priorities at the UN took place while the international community has mobilized to cope with the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria: “Our solidarity goes to those affected, our prayers to the victims,” the Italian mission said at the end of the meeting.

Spurred by an intuition of French President Emmanuel Macron in 2017 and entered into force on 1 February, the ‘Treaty between the French Republic and the Italian Republic for a Strengthened Bilateral Cooperation’ is an agreement that aims to provide a stable and formalized framework for cooperation in both the bilateral relations and in the search for greater European integration. Defined as a sort of equivalent to the Élysée Treaty and the Aachen Treaty, which regulate the Franco-German cooperation framwork, it was signed at the Quirinal Palace on 26 November 2021 by Macron and the Italian Prime Minister at the time, Mario Draghi.

The Treaty opens the way for an enhanced bilateral cooperation. From 1 February, the already profitable cooperation between the Italian and French administrations unfolds in new joint initiatives and a strengthened agreement inside the EU framework, consistent with the special responsibility of Italy and France as founding members.

The common commitment in the EU will ensure that Italy and France exploit the synergies between their respective positions in Europe, while preventing or resolving potential disagreements. Through this Treaty, “Italy and France want to give new impetus to the European project in order to tackle the many challenges that are at the forefront of our citizens’ concerns and that only a more united Europe can address”, said the Italian Foreign Ministry on the day of the agreement’s entry into force. (@OnuItalia)

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