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City of Santiago and energy giant Enel announce partnership to boost solar power and electric transport and heating

NEW YORK, MAY 4  – The government of the Santiago Metropolitan Region in Chile and the energy multinational Enel today announced a partnership to boost solar power and the end-use of electricity for public transport and heating, facilitated by the United Nations under its new Energy Compact Action Network just launched. The Universidad de Desarollo in Santiago also pledged to support the partnership.

According to the Energy Compact agreement, the partners commit to increase the share of electric buses in the city to 100% by 2030, from the current 26%, and to expand the network of charging stations for electric vehicles, both public and private. They are also committing to accelerate replacing wood-burning heaters in residential, commercial and government buildings with electric heating systems, progressing from 10,000 replacements made by Enel to date, to over 60,000 by 2030.

According to the latest available figures (2018), 41% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions arise from land transport and 32% from fuel burning for electricity generation and heat sources. The partners are also committing to increase the share of solar energy in the Metropolitan Region’s electricity generation through urban distributed energy projects.

Mr. Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel, stated, ““We are pleased to be able to support the city of Santiago in achieving these energy transition goals, aligned with SDG 7, featuring electric transport and heating, and growing solar power. Enel will contribute in a tangible manner, as an example of how public and private partnerships are crucial in order to take action under the UN’s new Energy Compact Action Network, and with a positive impact on the wellbeing of the citizens of Santiago.”

Mr. Claudio Orrego, Governor of the Santiago Metropolitan Region, remarked, “This Energy Compact will benefit millions of Santiago residents and help our city move towards the clean energy future that we urgently need to avert further climate disasters. We look forward to working with Enel and the Universidad de Desarollo in putting these commitments into action.”

Over 200 Energy Compacts have been announced by national and city governments, businesses, foundations and civil society organizations, committing over $600 billion in investment and funding, in connection with the UN High-level Dialogue on Energy in September 2021.

 The Energy Compact Action Network launched today — supported by UN-Energy as the coordinating mechanism for some 30 UN and international organizations working in the energy field — aims to connect those governments needing financial and technical support to achieve their Energy Compact goals, with businesses and donors that have committed to increase energy investments and funding.

Ms. Damilola Ogunbiyi, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All and Co-Chair of UN-Energy, said, “The Santiago Energy Compact is just one example of how the Energy Compact Action Network can assist in connecting national, regional and city governments with private and public investors and donors who can help turn energy goals into realities. UN-Energy is committed to facilitating this matchmaking process, which is in everyone’s interest.”

The Energy Compact commitments being made are aligned with a Global Roadmap to achieve clean, affordable energy for all by 2030 (Sustainable Development Goal 7) and net-zero emissions by 2050.  This Roadmap was a major outcome of the UN’s High-level Dialogue on Energy, in support of the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement on climate change. Progress on meeting the Energy Compact commitments will be monitored annually. (@OnuItalia)

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