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MFAs of Italy, Bulgaria and North Macedonia visit the UN Global Service Center in Brindisi

BRINDISI, AUGUST 3 – On August 3rd, the United Nations Global Service Center (UNGSC) in Brindisi hosted a delegation of Foreign Ministers from Italy, Bulgaria, and North Macedonia. The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, the Bulgarian Minister, Mariya Gabriel, and the North Macedonian Minister, Bujar Osmani, were warmly welcomed to Brindisi for a presentation and guided tour of the UN organization’s facilities.

The UNGSC Director, Giovanna Ceglie, along with Walid Ibrahim, Coordinator of the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD/WFP) and Manager of the Brindisi facility, greeted the delegation.

The visit highlighted the role of the Brindisi base as an integrated center for peace, security, and humanitarian operations. It benefits from a strategically advantageous location and draws upon UNGSC’s expertise in supply chain management and digital technologies.

During the presentation, Ceglie emphasized how easily the UNGSC in Brindisi accesses road, rail, and maritime infrastructures, underscoring its potential for further development. She highlighted the organization’s accomplishments in responding to global crises, including the delivery of medical supplies and vaccines during the Covid-19 pandemic, provision of personal protective equipment following the earthquake in Turkey, dispatching convoys to support UN agencies at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in Ukraine, and sending humanitarian aid to Sudan.

The visit marked the conclusion of a series of institutional activities in the city of Brindisi for the Pan-European Corridor 8, which connects the ports of Brindisi and Bari with the Western Balkans and Eastern European nations. Minister Tajani stressed that this initiative serves to “bring the Balkans closer to the European Union.”

Global Service Center (UNGSC)The UNGSC’s presence in Brindisi has undoubtedly strengthened humanitarian cooperation and response capabilities in the region. The center’s strategic location allows for the efficient distribution of aid and support, making it a vital link in the global humanitarian network.

The event not only showcased the achievements of the UN infrastructures, but also demonstrated the commitment of member countries like Italy, Bulgaria, and North Macedonia to promote peace, stability, and unity in Europe and beyond. By fostering regional connectivity through the Pan-European Corridor 8, the countries are collectively working towards a more resilient and prosperous future for all.

As the delegation departed, they left behind a clear message of solidarity and shared responsibility in addressing global challenges. The UNGSC in Brindisi continues to stand as a testament to the effectiveness of international cooperation in making a positive impact on the lives of people in need around the world. (@OnuItalia)

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