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CWMUN: Massari to Model UN students, “keep on believing in diplomacy”

NEW YORK, MARCH 26 – “Keep on believing in diplomacy”: this message launched by the Italian Permanent Representative to the UN, Maurizio Massari, to over two thousand students from 142 countries gathered in the General Assembly Hall for the United Nation simulation programme organized by Associazione Diplomatici with the support of the Permanent Mission of Italy. Opening the 2023 edition of Change The World Model UN (CWMUN), the Ambassador addressed themes such as diplomacy and international affairs during an interview from the podium with journalist Maria Latella.

“The war in Ukraine has deepened existing divisions between the East and West of the world, and between the Global North and South. It had an impact on relations among great powers, bringing China closer to Russia, and complicating relations between the United States and Russia. One possible outcome of this war is that the world might increasingly turn multipolar”, said Massari.

“As Western countries – added the Italian Ambassador – we must adapt to this new structure of power. Besides the United States and China, Russia will remain on the scene as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a nuclear power, even after the war, but India will also be an important power player as leader of the G77 group of emerging powers, which represents a strong lobby at the UN. Europe will have to continue to strengthen its political role. How can this multipolarity be reconciled with the smooth functioning of multilateralism? In order to address issues such as climate, inequality, debt, food insecurity, collaboration between these multiple centres of power will be needed . These challenges are not to be faced through competition, but rather cooperation”.

In the CWMUN, high school and college students work as ambassadors representing UN member states. Speeches by leading international guests in the field of politics and diplomacy – in recent years former US President Bill Clinton and Italian Senator Liliana Segre, this year Italian Minister of Defence Guido Crosetto (remotely connected) and President of Milan football club Paolo Scaroni – make the New York event one of the most prestigious international forum where young people can share their ideas while constantly respecting position and beliefs of others. Founded by Claudio Corbino from Catania, Change the World aims to affirm a model of sustainable development of the planet based on the values of democracy and tolerance, contributing to the conscious formation of tomorrow’s leaders.

Massari ended his speech by sending a message to the young participants: “Keep on believing in diplomacy, we need diplomacy, and diplomacy will remain crucial for our future: we need you”. (@OnuItalia)

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