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Afghanistan: Italy’s Draghi to G7, “divert resources to aid”

ROME, AUGUST 24 – Resisting to the arguments of other G7 leaders like UK’s Boris Johnson, United States President Joe Biden did not give in and refused to extend the evacuation deadline of 31 August, as the US is “determined to complete this mission”. During a G7 session that was less cordial than the last one in Cornwall, Italian PM Draghi set out a pragmatic approach, stating “we must brace for waves of migrants”, while allotting $100m previously allotted to training Afghan forces to humanitarian aid Italian.

“Italy will redirect the resources that were destined for Afghan military forces towards humanitarian aid. I ask you all to join this commitment, compatibly with the situation of your countries,” Draghi said, according to sources present at the virtual summit”. Italy wants Russia and China to join these efforts and the G7 leaders agree on a new extraordinary G20 on Afghanistan in September: “The G20 can help the G7 in involving other countries that are very important because they have the possibility of controlling what happens in Afghanistan: Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and India”, Draghi explained.

During the summit, PM Johnson focussed on the way to carry forward relations with the Taliban, and got backing for humanitarian corridors to evacuate people by 31st August. Draghi underscored the need to “maintain a contact channel even after the August 31 deadline and the possibility of transiting from Afghanistan in a safe way. Furthermore, we must ensure that international organizations have access to Afghanistan also after this deadline”. (@OnuItalia)

Il giornale Italiano delle Nazioni Unite. Ha due redazioni, una a New York, l’altra a Roma.

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