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UNESCO and University of Geneva make ArThemis restitutions database available to all

GENEVA, SEPTEMBER 14 – In order to provide innovative methods and multiple solutions for the restitution of cultural property, UNESCO in association with the University of Geneva, makes the ArThemis database available to all. ArThemis contains cases resolved by judicial means or alternative dispute resolution methods, in addition to a wide range of research possibilities such as the type of object sought, the chronological context, or the issue as it pertains to law.

An open access-tool, ArThemis allows everyone involved, from legal practitioners to researchers and academics, to have a point of reference on all dispute resolution methods.

A valuable tool, UNESCO explains on its website, ArThemis provides detailed cases resolved by judicial decision, which demonstrates judges’ awareness in matters of art law and the restitution of cultural property. These files also reveal the limits of judicial decisions and provide an overview of how courts resolve procedural and substantive issues. ArThemis also contains information relating to alternative methods that have enabled the return of goods.

ArThemis prefers a pragmatic approach taking into account the origin of cultural goods and the ethical, historical, cultural, financial and legal interests involved. It brings an innovative angle to the fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural goods.

You can consult the ArThemis database here.

Another relevant database, UNESCO Database of National Cultural Laws, is also available here. (@OnuItalia)

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