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General Del Col, UNIFIL head, unveils statue of Roman-time jurist in Tyre

TYRE, OCTOBER 19 – A statue of Annius Domitius Ulpianus was recently unveiled in Tyre (South Lebanon), where the prominent Roman-time jurist was born around 170 AD. The UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Stefano Del Col joined Lebanese officials in unveiling the monument in the main square outside the new Municipality building of Tyre, was donated by the Municipality.
“Today, Ulpiano represents a trait d’union between Lebanese and Italian people,” said General Del Col: “Ulpiano’s statue now found the perfect place among you, citizens of Tyre. Protection of cultural heritage is essential for maintaining international peace and security.”

The Association of Italian University Graduates, an organization of Lebanese students who pursued studies in Italy, extended their support in the installation of the statue with support of UNIFIL Sector West command, the Municipality of Tyre and under the auspices of the Italian Embassy in Lebanon.

Present at the ceremony were also Lebanese Member of Parliament Inaya Ezzeddine, Representative of the Minister of Justice, Judge Dyala Wansa and UNIFIL Sector West Commander, Brigadier General Bruno Pisciotta as well as Lebanese religious leaders, LAF representatives and the Association of Italian University Graduates.
In addition to UNIFIL Head of Mission Major General Del Col, speakers at the ceremony included the Mayor of Tyre Hassan Dbouk, the representative of the Italian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ms. Roberta Di Lecce and the President of the Association of Italian University Graduates, Professor Hassan Badawi.
Del Col expressed hope that the square in front of the newly restored Municipality of Tyre where the statue has been installed will become a tourist attraction. Born in Tyre, Ulpianus lived most of his life in Rome. He was a prominent politician and Roman jurisconsult, who contributed to the establishment of the Roman public law during the imperial age.
In 2017, the UN Security Council adopted resolution 2347 to protect endangered heritages for global security. In its efforts to protect heritages in its area of operations, UNIFIL partnered with the Blue Shield International, an international organization with the mission to protect the world’s cultural heritage from conflicts and natural disasters, at a five-day forum last April to discuss ways to preserve heritage in south Lebanon. (@OnuItalia)
Il giornale Italiano delle Nazioni Unite. Ha due redazioni, una a New York, l’altra a Roma.

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