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Di Maio all’Onu: il testo dell’intervento alla Global Food Security Call of Action

NEW YORK, 18 MAGGIO – Il Ministro degli Esteri Luigi Di Maio e’ intervenuto oggi all’ONU alla Global Food Security Call of Action organizzata al Palazzo di Vetro dal Segretario di Stato americano Antony Blinken. Ecco a seguire il testo dell’intervento del Ministro in inglese.

“I thank US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, for convening this meeting, and Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, for strongly advocating a decisive action of the international community in front of the current food crisis.

Food security is a longstanding priority of Italy’s foreign policy. The international community must work in a coordinated way to achieve food security for all, especially at a time when the consequences, first of the pandemic, and today of the Russian aggression against Ukraine jeopardize this endeavor. The blockade of the Port of Odessa is a matter of very serious concern, because it prevents the export of Ukraine’s available supplies of wheat. Therefore, today’s discussion should also pave the way to possible strategies to restore grain shipments and avoid food shortages on a global scale.

Food diplomacy is key to mitigate the crisis’ impact. For this reason, Italy fully supports initiatives launched in the G7 framework, starting with the Global Alliance on Food Security promoted by the G7 Leaders, and welcome initiatives by partners, such as the French FARM initiative.

Last year, as G20 Presidency, Italy placed this issue high on the international agenda and promoted the adoption of the G20 Matera Declaration on Food Security. We co-organized in Rome, in partnership with the Special Advisor of the Secretary-General and with FAO, the UN Food Systems’ pre-Summit, jointly convened by Secretary-General Guterres and Prime Minister Draghi.

Italy stands behind the Rome-based UN agencies, whose role is vital in facing food security challenges. In 2021, as a follow-up of the Matera Declaration, FAO launched the Food Coalition, in partnership with Italy. On top of the 10 million euros already committed to the program [by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs], Italy is now announcing an additional 5 million euros in favor of the Food Coalition [provided by our Ministry of Agriculture], mostly aimed at supporting Ukraine’s food production.

While welcoming discussions in all relevant fora in response to the current food crisis, we deem crucial to reach out to all concerned Countries to understand their needs and engage them in identifying and implementing the required measures.

With this spirit, Italy is contributing actively to the G7 outreach activities. We intend to give special attention to the regional level, as different regions have different food cultures and different kinds of vulnerabilities.

Possible effects of this crisis on many Mediterranean countries are a matter of great concern for us. A diet based on wheat exposes them to serious consequences due to the spike in prices and to the uncertain future availability of wheat and other essential items.

I discussed these issues this morning with Secretary-General Guterres and President of the General Assembly Shahid, highlighting Italy’s proposals in that regard. In particular, in close coordination with the German Presidency of the G7, we are organizing a Mediterranean Ministerial Dialogue on the Food Crisis in Rome on 8 June. We have invited 24 Countries, with Germany, Turkey and Lebanon as co-chairs, and key international organizations. FAO will provide technical support for the event and its follow up, and the WFP and IFAD will offer their inputs.

Dear colleagues, rest assured that Italy, as a representative of a prominent food culture in the world, is ready to do its part, in coordination and synergy with the United Nations and all partners.”. (@OnuItalia)

Il giornale Italiano delle Nazioni Unite. Ha due redazioni, una a New York, l’altra a Roma.

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