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Europe Day: Italy at the UN celebrates “our shared values”

NEW YORK, MAY 9 – On the anniversary of the signing of the Schuman Declaration, the act that proposed the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), the forerunner of today’s European Union, “Europe Day” is celebrated also at the UN. The Italian Permanent Representation to the United Nations paid tribute to the European institution on its Twitter profile with a video message in which the Permanent Representative, Maurizio Massari, and the mission’s staff shares brief thoughts on the meaning and importance of the Union.

For the Ambassador Massari, who led the Italian delegation to the EU in Brussels between 2016 and 2021, Europe means “freedom, democracy, right over might and respect for your neighbours“. His deputy, Ambassador Stefano Stefanile, mentions as key words “integration, inclusiveness, strong common values, as well as a greater home and a greater family for all European people“.

Common values, past present and future, inspirational brotherhood, are the important concepts mentioned in sequence by Stefania de Martino, who coordinates the work of the Third Commission on Human Rights, and her colleagues Marco Romiti and Pietro De Martin Topranin. “Rule of law, one of the most advanced system of protection of human rights in the world, the promise of a better future for us all”, said Francesca Datola with a look to the future. Political coordinator Maurizio Antonini, noting that the continent is currently ravaged by a heavy conflict, wishes for the creation of an institution that will include all the Nations of the continent, based on democracy and respect for human rights and which can serve as a home for all Europeans.

For the Mission spokesperson, Ludovica Murazzani, Europe is “freedom of expression, pluralism, diversity“, while Alberto Dal Degan speaks of a “better future for our children“. Tommaso Giarrizzo mentions the importance, on a personal and common level, of Erasmus, one of the greatest successes in Europe, which has contributed to the birth of a common European identity. Europe is a “space of freedom and social justice” for the Mission’s legal advisor, Enrico Milano, is our shared identity for Giulia De Nardis, while the words of Diego Cimino are projected to the future: “Europe is our common destiny“. “Europe is home“, Matthias Clavaiz says in closing. (@Onuitalia)

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