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Ukraine: Massari, 2 months after UNGA resolution we continue to abide to its contents

NEW YORK, MAY 2 – Two months to the day since the the adoption of the General Assembly resolution condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the Italian Permanent Representative to the United Nation, Ambassador Maurizio Massari, explained why Italy and the European Union co-sponsored and voted for this resolution and continue to abide to its contents.

“The Russian aggression is a blatant violation of the United Nation’s Charter’s principles, and it was exactly in the name of those principles, in order to defend and uphold them, that on March 2 the overwhelming majority of the international community decided to support the resolution”, said the Ambassador.

The resolution “deplored” Russia’s military action against a sovereign Country, called for the withdrawal of Russian troops and urged a diplomatic solution. It was voted by 141 member States with only five member states voting against and 35 abstentions. “The UN Charter is a global common. It was signed in 1945 with the shared goal to turn over a tragic page of European and world history. Its goals were shared also by Russia. Indeed the post war Europe and European Union were born and built upon the deep rejection of that tragic phase of our history”, said Massari in a message posted on Twitter: “For this reasons two month later we abide to the content of that resolution and we stand with Ukraine and Ukrainian people”.

Massari added that this choice was not directed against Russian people but against the decision of its leaders to invade a sovereign country. “Other alternative narrative to justify such invasion is an offense to Europe, to our history and frankly also to to the memory of those millions of Russians who 80 years ago lost their lives along with our fellow citizens to fight back”. (@OnuItalia)



Il giornale Italiano delle Nazioni Unite. Ha due redazioni, una a New York, l’altra a Roma.

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