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Saturdays for Future: the new movement building on the demands of Fridays for Future

ROME, NOVEMBER 29 – “To the young people that are today marching to rivendicate their right of living in a better world, a less polluted world, where economic development and environmental respect go hand in hand, where extreme weather conditions no longer generate ‘environmental migration’, I want them to know that their cry for help will not be ignored”, the Italian Minister for the Environment, Minister Sergio Costa, said in view of the fourth global strike organized by Fridays for Future, which in Italy saw the participation of over 350 thousand young people.

As the United Nations Environmental Programme continues to warn against rising global temperatures and air pollution levels -calling for immediate, concrete action- a new movement is indeed rising in response to Fridays for Future: Saturdays for Future. Launched by Enrico Giovannini, spokesman of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS), and Leonardo Becchetti, president of the scientific committee of NeXt, Saturdays for Future aims at transforming Saturdays -when the majority of people do their weekly shoppings- in the day for sustainable production and consumption, in favor of a more eco-friendly development. The movement is furthermore tailored to help achieve Sustainable Development Goals 12, responsible consumption and production, 13, climate action, and 4, quality education.

This aim is to be achieved through a multi-stakeholder approach: by engaging consumers, firms and civil society organizations in initiatives with the potential of rendering production models and shopping habits more sustainable. This is why tomorrow, November 30th, Saturdays for Future is returning across Italy for a second mobilization. As the time for Christmas shopping approaches, tomorrow will have a special focus on avoiding waste, recycling and choosing presents responsibly. 30 events, some of them running in more Italian cities, have been organized for the occasion. Taken together, they signal a shared path towards greater awareness in regards to production and consumption models.

Starting from the idea that daily consumer choices can change the world, Coop is inviting over 3000 children and teenagers to 46 of their stores for a workshop on environmentalism, sustainable development and society, tackling topics such as corporate transparency and circular economy. Bennet is also participating to the national mobilization, inviting consumers to reflect on poverty and malnutrition by donating part of the groceries to people in need.

For more information, visit: https://saturdaysforfuture.it/scopri-gli-eventi-dei-saturdays-for-future/

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