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Right to food: Bellanova met UN expert Hilal Elver, zero waste, illegal recruitment of workers on the agenda

ROME, JANUARY 24TH- The fight against food waste; laws against the illegal recruitment of labour for agriculture; the excellence of the Italian system of control; repression and protection for the safeguarding of consumer health and against unfair practices and counterfeiting; socially, environmentally and economically sustainable agriculture, capable of attracting new generations and women, and of protecting the income of farmers and of innovation. These themes were discussed during a meeting in Rome between Teresa Bellanova, the Italian Minister of Agriculture, and Hilal Elver, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food.

“I wanted to meet her,” said Minister Bellanova, “because I believe her mission is important, in line with Italy’s adhesion to the Universal Declaration of human rights and its current role in the Human Rights Council. Also because I’m convinced that we can be advocates for greater sustainability and bring more sensitivity and public attention to these themes, especially at an institutional level”.

Italy, as emphasized by Teresa Bellanova, “is particularly involved on the front of the right to food and food access. So am I personally, which is why I have made this a priority for my mandate as Minister of Agriculture”. As reminded by the Minister, in 2016 “Italy adopted one of the most advanced law in the world aimed at reducing food waste while simultaneously supporting redistribution to support social and economic fragilities. For this reason, as soon as my mandate began, I immediately brought the topic of food waste and nutritional assistance back to the table”.

The Italian law against the illegal recruitment of labour for agriculture, and most importantly the triennial Plan for prevention and contrast, on which Bellanova has been working on together with Ministers Catalfo and Lamorgese, were also on the agenda.

“To abolish this criminal practice,” continued Bellanova, “we want and we must guarantee to farm owners and workers alike a simple and transparent procedure for the exchange of job offers and applications. In doing so we must be aware of the specific needs of the agricultural sector. We must ensure integrated services, from transport to accomodation, not at the margins of cities. We must also be safeguarding workers’ nutritional needs, giving attention to differences in culture, traditions and diets”. (SB@OnuItalia)


Il giornale Italiano delle Nazioni Unite. Ha due redazioni, una a New York, l’altra a Roma.

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