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The General Council of Italians Abroad (CGIE) meets in Rome

ROME, JUNE 20 – “The government and the CGIE need to develop new tools and initiatives to strengthen ties among Italians abroad”, said Giorgio Silli, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, during the opening of the plenary assembly of the General Council of Italians Abroad (CGIE). The CGIE conference opened on Monday, June 19, in the International Conference Room of the Farnesina Palace, Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The conference is scheduled to take place throughout the week.

The General Council of Italians Abroad, in Italian ‘Consiglio Generale degli Italiani all’Estero’ (CGIE), is a key body for dialogue and advice between the Italian government and Italian communities around the world. As an advisory body to the government and Parliament on issues of great interest to Italians abroad, the CGIE plays a crucial role in promoting and facilitating the development of the living conditions of these communities and strengthening their ties with Italy.

Giorgio Silli

Deputy Minister Silli delivered a warm welcome address, emphasising the assembly’s significance in shaping policies for Italian communities abroad. Franco Papandrea, the oldest CGIE Councilor, assumed the provisional chairmanship role. The President addressed the assembly, highlighting the key issues on the agenda. In the afternoon and on Tuesday, June 20th, the focus shifted to the electoral and organisational tasks of the CGIE commissions.

On Wednesday, June 21st, the assembly, chaired by the Secretary General of the CGIE, will witness developments in community affairs. Thursday, June 22nd, is dedicated to further internal work, fostering collaboration, and enhancing operational efficiency, underscoring the CGIE’s commitment to its mission. As the CGIE assembly reaches its final day on Friday, June 23rd, a series of events are scheduled. The day will begin with a discussion and approval of agendas and motions, followed by the scrutiny and subsequent approval of the Rules of Procedure of the CGIE. Concluding the plenary assembly, Antonio Tajani, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, will deliver a speech. The Secretary General of the CGIE will also provide insights and plans. The final meeting of the presidency committee will mark the conclusion of the gathering, held in the ‘Sala Carla Zuppetti.’

A significant aspect that emerged during the assembly was the deliberation surrounding the available funds for the CGIE. Councillor Alessandro Boccaletti, of the Lega party, voiced concerns about the adequacy of the funds. In his remarks, he emphasized that the current budget of €607,000 is insufficient. Moreover, he warned that the funds would likely be depleted by September or October, leaving the council in a precarious situation. These circumstances necessitate making crucial decisions amidst these unique challenges. However, despite these concerns, Councillor Boccaletti also emphasized the importance of unity within the assembly, highlighting the urgent need for a consensus on the next secretary-general, as failing to achieve this agreement could have extensive consequences for all involved.

(Alessandro Cucchi)

Il giornale Italiano delle Nazioni Unite. Ha due redazioni, una a New York, l’altra a Roma.

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