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Ambassadors’ Conference: UE, NATO, UN pillars of our foreign policy says Meloni

ROME, DECEMBER 22 – The UE, NATO, and the UN are pillars
of Italy’s foreign policy, Premier Giorgia Meloni confirmed to the Ambassadors of Italy to over 100 States and international organizations on Thursday.

“You are Italian flags around world”, the head of the Italian  government told the envoys in her speech which closed the two-day meeting. “The West is Italy’s playing field and
it is Italy’s mission to defend it”, Premier Meloni added: “We are facing huge challenges and it is necessary to make the best use of our resources, the tools of foreign policy, of diplomacy, and security,” she told the Conference before leaving for Iraq to bring holidays greetings to Italian soldiers.

“We are faced with the mission of defending the system which we created out of the rubble of the Second World War.
We must avoid the risk that this situation may reduce us to the role of recounting the West, our playing field, against the rest of the world. For this reason dialogue is needed. The conflict in Ukraine is a watershed, we must renew our ties with our friendly countries”.

Premier Meloni asked Italians to turn off their lights for one hour in order to grasp the plight of Ukrainians struggling with power cuts amid a relentless Russian missile barrage.
“In all cultures this is the moment of the victory of light over
darkness, but instead Ukraine lives almost all its days without electricity. To understand how the Ukrainians are, I would ask all the Italians to switch off for one hour a day all the energy they have, to understand what it means to have people defending freedom and love of country.

She also told the envoys that it was a mistake to depend too
much on the US for security. “We have realized the over dependence, the strategic error in terms of sovereignty that you make by giving up certain chains of value, the energy reliance on Russia, and we probably realize the excessive dependence on the United States in terms of security,” she told the envoys: “And we are aware that it would not be smart to emerge from the dependence on Russia by favoring a dependence on China. Another mistake we risk making”. (@OnuItalia)

Il giornale Italiano delle Nazioni Unite. Ha due redazioni, una a New York, l’altra a Roma.

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