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Gay Pride: Italian envoy Petri marches in New York, “together for a better future”

NEW YORK, JUNE 27 – With the United Stated and Argentina, the Italian Mission to the United Nations in New York hosted today a productive meeting of the UN LGBTQ Core Groupo of which is part since 2017.

The National Envoys for LGBTQI+ rights worldwide attended the forum, including the Italian diplomat Fabrizio Petri, who yesterday marched with the Gay Pride parade along with his colleagues, Jessica Stern of the United States and Alba Rueda of Argentina. “Together to build a better future for LGBTIQ+ people around the world”, Petri tweeted during days in which gay rights in the United States are being indirectly threatened by the Dobbs Supreme Court ruling on abortion.

“Gay rights are human rights”

“Gay rights are human rights”, the Italian Permanent Mission to the UN tweeted in view of the wider celebration of Pride that returned in presence for the first time after more than two years of Covid: “Italy takes a stand against prejudice, discrimination, stigma, hostility and violence”.

The Mission took part in the march along UN OutRight Action International, the LGBTI Core Group and, for the first time ever, Com.It.Es, a group representing Italian abroad. Invited by the Jesuit priest James Martin, on Saturday Petri attended a conference of Catholic religious figures to raise awareness towards the LGBTQTI+ community.

The march this year was a slightly different event from the last few ones, which were had been mostly celebrations. Today in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver and Detroit, pro-choice militants and the gay movement paraded together. The LGBQTI+ community is on alert after the Supreme Court ruling, because they fears that rights gained on the basis of the same right to privacy that had been invoked for “Roe vs. Wade” are likely to end in the same way. The ultraconservative justice Clarence Thomas, putting his position on paper on the day of the sentence, fed the apprehensions arguing, in an opinion reinforcing the majority of the court, that “past decisions on access to contraception, intimate relationships between people of the same sex and gay marriage” should be reconsidered. (@OnuItalia)

Il giornale Italiano delle Nazioni Unite. Ha due redazioni, una a New York, l’altra a Roma.

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