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Giulia Parenti (UniBo) and Simone Mostratisi (Torino) are the new Youth Delegates for Italy

NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 15TH – A “real, 360 degrees” experience, offering the extraordinary possibility of speaking, as a representative of your country’s delegation, to all other delegates present at the United Nations. This year’s Youth Delegates for Italy are Giulia Parenti and Simone Mostratisi, whom in the next few days will be participating in the efforts of the General Assembly. Their work will unfold within a United Nations programme which foresees the inclusion of university students in UN national diplomatic missions. The program is active in 37 countries.

Giulia Parenti, from Rome, comes from the University of Bologna (Forli’ campus), where she is a second year student of International Sciences and Diplomacy. Simone Mostratisi, from Turin, studies International Sciences in his city of birth.

In Italy, the UNYD programme is sponsored and organized by SIOI UNA-Italy, in collaboration with the Foreign Ministry and the International Cooperation. Giulia and Simone will represent the views and ideas of the italian youth, thereby promoting the participation of young people in decision-making processes. They will furthermore be fulfilling the role of ambassadors of youth issues during the efforts of the Third Commission during the 74th General Assembly.

“Being the Youth Delegate of Italy to the United Nations is about channeling efforts of youth as Agents of Change. Change for a fairer and more sustainable tomorrow is around the corner: future is in our hands, so are future generations. I am sure that we as youth will not disappoint people who trust us… In my mandate, impact will be ensured, and in this regard, inclusion and integration will be key points,” said Mostratisi during a recent appearance at the University Autónoma of Madrid, in the Facoulty of Law. His full programme has been made available on the website of SIOI. Ready for the challenge is also Giulia Parenti: “The opportunity and honor I have to be the new UNYD makes me aware of how important SDGs are for the security of this planet and its sustainable development, as well as for ensuring the future of my generation and those to come”.

The participation of Italy in the Youth Delegate programme is at its third edition. The 2018/2019 delegates were Pietro Fochi and Fiorella Spizzuoco, preceded the year before by Tommaso Murè and Giuseppina de Marco. Giulia is the third student from UniBo to cover the mandate as Youth Delegate: De Marco and Fochi were also students of Alma Mater. (@OnuItalia)


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