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ICC: Assembly of States Parties activates jurisdiction over crime of aggression

NEW YORK, DECEMBER 15 – The Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court adopted by consensus a resolution activating the jurisdiction of the Court over the Crime of Aggression. Chaired by the Italian Permanent representative e Sebastiano Cardi, the Assembly recognized the historic significance of the consensual decision at the Kampala Review Conference to adopt the amendments to the Rome Statute and decided inter alia to activate the Court’s jurisdiction as of 17 July 2018.

A Crime of Aggression is a specific type of crime where a person plans, initiates, or executes an act of aggression using state military force that violates the Charter of the United Nations. The act is judged as a violation based on its character, gravity, and scale.Acts of aggression include invasion, military occupation, annexation by the use of force, bombardment, and military blockade of ports.

“Proud to have been part of this historical result for the UN Charter protection  and Rome Statute as VP of State Parties”, said Cardi on  Twitter. the Ambassador “stopped the clock’ a few minutes before midnight to allow the negotiations to procede and the resolution to be adopted by consensus in the first hours of the morning. (@OnuItalia)

Alessandra Baldini
Alessandra Baldinihttps://onuitalia.com
Alessandra Baldini e’ stata la prima donna giornalista parlamentare per l’Ansa, poi corrispondente a Washington e responsabile degli uffici Ansa di New York e Londra. Dirige OnuItalia.

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