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UNSC reform: Massari to Pass Blue, “We are the Southern face of the global North”

NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 15 – “Italy belongs to the global North, but by traditions, history, geography, we feel that we are a bridge between the global North and global South. I will put it this way: We are the Southern face of the global North“, the Italian Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, Ambassador Maurizio Massari, told Dulcie Leimbach, of the online magazine “Pass Blue”, who interviewed him on the long term outcomes of the Security Council Reform.

“Italy is hopeful about UN reform, as long as its proposal leads the way”, titles “Pass Blu”, adding that the Uniting for Consensus Group’s proposal, which Italy is coordinating, to expand the number of Security Council seats, “competes against other credible reform ideas”. But the Italian plan disregards more veto power. “The veto is very difficult to sell today to the public,” Massari said in the interview.

A win-win solution

According to the Italian Ambassador, such plan is a “win-win solution”. Given that last year the public has witnessed how Russia can invade another country and leave the Council powerless to act legally against such a huge breach of the UN Charter, Massari said it’s time to show the world that the UN can move decisively for peace beyond this obvious flaw.

The Uniting for Consensus model, summarized by “Pass Blue”, looks like this: Increasing the number of elected seats to a maximum of 11, with nine new longer-term seats and two additional two-year seats as well as the possibility of their immediate re-election. The concept would be built on regional representation: Africa would gain six seats; Asia-Pacific, five; Latin America and Caribbean, four; Weog, three; Eastern Europe, two. One new rotating seat would be reserved for small island nations and small countries. Ideally, it’s a miniature version of the General Assembly. Besides Italy, the 12-member UfC consists of Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Malta, Mexico, Pakistan, San Marino, South Korea, Spain and Türkiye. Crucially, remarks Leinbach, the proposal would entail no new permanent members, so no more veto holders, which may not win over Africans, who say they want permanent seats with that power. Seventy-seven years of UN history “shows permanent members are accountable only to themselves,” Massari objects. A new permanent member would only “expand the club of privilege, or oligopoly.” (@OnuItalia)

Il giornale Italiano delle Nazioni Unite. Ha due redazioni, una a New York, l’altra a Roma.

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