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Democracy Day: Italy celebrates, remembers four democracy heroes

NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 15 – “Freedom of choice, participation, equal opportunities, full expression of human potential”: this is the meaning of Democracy Day according to the Italian Permanent Representative Maurizio Massari who shared his video contribution, along with other European Ambassadors, collected by the EU Mission to the United Nations. “As democratic values are increasingly challenged, it is crucial that we build together towards pandemic recovery. Because, even when it trembles, democracy remains the best answer to the very crisis that shake it”, the Ambassadort added on Twitter.

The Italian Mission celebrated the International Day of Democracy remembering Tina Anselmi, Gino Strada, Enrico De Nicola and Anna Iberti, “four unforgettable actors in the promotion of democratic values in Italy and in the World”.

Anselmi was the first woman to become Minister of the Republic. ‘Godmother’ of the Italian Equal Opportunities Act, she dedicated her life to the destinies of women and to Italian democracy. Strada, who passed away a few days ago, was an anti-war doctor and founder of the NGO Emergency, who defended the values of a universal egalitarian democracy in human, civil, political and social rights.

Anna Iberti has been the image of a democratic Italy for 70 years. She was 24 years old when this photo of her celebrating the birth of the Italian Republic on the terrace of the socialiust newspaper “L”Avanti” was taken. De Nicola, in turn, is an emblematic figure of Italian democracy for having been the first President of the Republic, as well as the President of the Lower Chamber, the Senate and the Constitutional Court. (@giorgiodelgallo)

Il giornale Italiano delle Nazioni Unite. Ha due redazioni, una a New York, l’altra a Roma.

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