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UN Commission on Crime Prevention, a theatre play on The courage to rise up against

VIENNA, MAY 21 – During the twenty-eight session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, held in Vienna from 20 to 24 May, Italy, in partnership with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, has organized an initiative entitled ”The courage to speak up against organized crime”. The event has featured a professional theatre company performing true stories of witnesses and collaborators of justice. Women and men who have had the courage to rise up against ruthless criminal organizations through different forms of collaboration with the State. By doing so, sometimes they have put their lives at risk. But they have chosen the right side. And they have made an invaluable contribution to the fight against organized crime.

The performance is part of a wider educational project which has been going on in Italy since 2011 under the name ”Il Palcoscenico della Legalità”. The initiative, promoted by TheCO2 Crisis Opportunity Onlus, has brought on stage several stories of community response to organized crime and of Italian citizens who courageously challenged this phenomenon, sometimes paying with their own lives.

These stories have been turned into theatre plays, written by Giulia Minoli and Emanuela Giordano (also director) and have been performed in many theatres, juvenile penitentiaries, schools, universities, reaching an audience of more than 58.000 people, including 20.400 students. In Vienna, four stories of witnesses and collaborators of justice (Gaetano Saffioti, Lea Garofalo, Maria Stefanelli, Tamara Ianni) have been brought on stage at the United Nations in Vienna, in front of a large audience composed of UN officials, governmental representatives from all over the world and high school students.

The event has been opened by the Ambassador Accili, Permanent Representative of Italy, John Brandolino, Director of the Division for Treaty Affairs at UNODC, and Cesare Sirignano, Prosecutor at the Italian National Antimafia and Counterterrorism Directorate. The initiative also benefitted from the emotional contribution of Gaetano Saffioti, a Calabrian entrepreneur who decided to denounce ‘ndrangheta after several years of violence. The project represents a virtuous example of collaboration between civil society and public institutions, with a view to promoting the values of legality and creating the conditions for a more effective fight against organized crime.

Maria Novella Topi
Maria Novella Topihttps://onuitalia.com
Maria Novella Topi è stata a lungo capo servizio della Redazione Esteri dell'Ansa. Tra le sue missioni l'Albania (di cui ha seguito per l'agenzia la caduta del comunismo e le successive rivolte), l'Iraq e la Libia. Ha lavorato per lunghi periodi nell'ufficio di corrispondenza di Parigi. Collabora da Roma a OnuItalia.

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