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42nd Human Rights Council session opened today, focus on Sahel, global warming, regional crisis

GENEVA, SEPTEMBER 9 – The 42nd session of the Council of Human Rights opened today with great alarm regarding the condition of human rights in the world. The session closing on the 27th of September has on on the agenda issues such as the crisis in the region of Sahel, global warming, the situation in Venezuela, Myanmar, Syria, Somalia and Gaza. 

Italy is participating in the session promoting resolutions on human rights in Syria and Somalia, taking on an interactive dialogue on the situation in Libya and the adoption of the action plan for the fourth phase of the Global Project for education and relevant training in human rights matters. The High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said, in opening the 42nd Session, that “the world has never seen a threat to human rights” like the one present today, and for this reason “there is an urgency upon countries to fight it”.

Not just that: another grave threat is global warming which “threatens the roots of human rights, development and peace”. There will furthermore be a focus on the situation in Yemen where the attack on human rights concerns primarily the civil population, especially children, exhausted by years of war, hunger and epidemics. (@OnuItalia)

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